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Advanced Datacentre Systems

We design and deliver bespoke Data Centre Infrastructure Management solutions
We design and deliver bespoke Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions
and we help you improve the efficiency of your datacentre and save money whilst doing so
We Listen

Incorporating \\\’coal face\\\’ customer feedback into our software ensures that our solutions deliver exactly what you need.

We Build

Our Sensorium Communications server and web native G.U.I incorporate \\\’plug-in\\\’ technologies to create the building blocks we need to build our bespoke solutions.

We Deliver

Our cost-effective \\\’Turn-Key\\\’ solutions ensure that projects are successfully delivered without wasting valuable internal resources which could be more appropriately, and profitably, allocated elsewhere.

Sensorium™ DCIM

Sensorium™, our Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software, has been designed to provide data centre stakeholders with a truly vendor neutral management platform. Harnessing the power of the web, its fully customisable graphic user interface can be configured to provide bespoke graphical displays, reports, and functionality based on coal-face feedback and best practice processes. Real-time and historical power, environmental, life safety and security system information can be displayed alongside more traditional asset register data to deliver the holistic data centre management solution that up until now has been more aspirational than achievable.


Our services range from power and environmental auditing, system design, installation, commissioning all the way up to full \\\’turn-key\\\’ intelligent monitoring platform design, implementation and project management. This modular approach to service and our experience in working in partnership with our extensive client base ensures that you receive the right level of service to suit your individual data centre requirements.

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About Us

There’s a lot more to Advanced DataCentre Systems. We don’t just provide Data Centre Infrastructure Management Solutions. We find out what you want from a DCIM, and build that solution around you – not anyone else.


ADA – Advanced Data Audit
ADP – Advanced Data Programme
ADS – Advanced Data Solution
ADC – Advanced Data Certification
ADM – Advanced Data Maintenance

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