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Looking for a powerful, flexible, cost-effective DCIM solution?
you've just found it!
Regardless what the question was, the answer is Sensorium™.
Unrivalled Performance

Sensorium’s™ virtualisation-ready, modular 64 bit .NET architecture delivers unrivalled performance and expandability from the smallest comms room to the largest campus or mega-centre.

Peerless Integration

Our flexible communications architecture and continuous 24 year track record integrating disparate monitoring system data into Sensorium™ ensures the highest possible levels of system integration for your environment.

Superior flexibility

Harnessing the power of the web, our modular web components, utilising industry standards and protocols, enable us to create truly bespoke, yet cost effective, web-native management platforms to match your needs.

Bespoke Dashboards and Home screens

The modular nature of the Sensorium™ system web components makes building bespoke customer, department or operator focused dashboards and home screens not only possible but for the first time truly cost-effective.

Whether your OPS team need their information displayed as a graphical floor plan or your Data Centre Management team favour data grids or dashboards, Sensorium™ can create the perfect user interface to suit each user perfectly.

Harnessing the power of the web and utilising tried and trusted technologies and standards (HTML, ASP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, VBSCRIPT) the Sensorium™ G.U.I DCIM templates can be modified using standard web authoring tools to build ‘tailor made’ solutions for ‘off the peg’ budgets.

Dynamic icon floor plans

Dynamic icon floor plans display both the physical location, operating and alarm status’s of the data centre cabinets using a traffic light R.A.G system to indicate whether the current value breaches customer adjustable thresholds for the selected metric. A data grid at the foot of the page will display additional data centre performance metrics (phase loadings, PUE, DCIM etc.)

Specially configured hyperlinks on the floor plan allow the operator to update the dynamic icons and data grid to display more granular data specific to a selected Row, Zone or Main Distribution unit.

The primary function of the dynamic cabinet icons is to provide a hyperlink to access the real-time and historical data for the selected cabinet

Real-time and historical cabinet data

The Sensorium™ real-time communications web component can display live data from multiple sources on a single screen, regardless of the protocol or data format of the source information. Values from intelligent power strips can be displayed alongside temperature, humidity, access control and CCTV system data to provide a real-time holistic overview of the performance of the cabinet infrastructure.

User adjustable thresholds and set points of the monitored hardware can be modified from the same single interface using the same single process, again regardless of the protocol or data format of the source information.

The historical data logging web component can be utilised to display historical data as single or 3 dimensional graphs, data grids or gauges.

Asset Register and cabinet population

Cabinet population and asset register information is displayed alongside real-time and historical power usage information to provide environmental monitoring system performance analysis and power usage metrics.

The Sensorium™ internal asset register database can also be integrated with third party asset register data sources to share information adding additional functionality to your existing asset register solution.

Per outlet intelligent power metering data logs and customer / cost centre details are associated with populated assets and used to facilitate hardware benchmarking, capacity planning, granular performance and energy usage reports and, where the metered data meets the relevant accuracy requirements, customer or interdepartmental invoices and bills.

Building services integration

Sensorium™ offers unrivalled integration capabilities with the building services infrastructure.

Our vendor neutral, multi-protocol communication server combined with our 20+ year track record in the integration of building management systems and established relationships with best of breed market leading third party interface manufacturers ensures the highest possible levels of integrated communications, even with legacy systems.

Information can be displayed in whatever format you require from simple data grid all the way up to 3D Schematics. Hyperlinks to user, configuration, and O&M manuals can be included to provide a single repository for information relating to the operation and maintenance of the services infrastructure.

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